Once in Royal David’s City

I wanted to write a song for Christmas and I knew I wanted to write it in 6/8 timing. I loved  Sally DeFord’s arrangement of While Shepherd’s Watched their Flocks by Night and a Children’s song called Our Christmas Story Tree (look down the list), both in 6/8 time. I knew I had to write one too. When I was looking at the songs in the hymn book I saw this song and tried it out with 6/8 timing and it sounded really good. I didn’t know this song very well before I wrote this arrangement. I came to love this song more than ever and am so happy I decided to do it. The lyrics in the last verse are especially powerful to me.

You may also notice I added a verse. Verse 2 in this arrangement are my own words. I think it fits in pretty well. Hopefully you enjoy this song!

Once in Royal David’s City (piano and female voice)

I put this video on here hesitantly because I know my voice is terrible. I just want you to be able to hear how it sounds and hopefully see the potential of the song. When I am rich and famous I will spend money to make real recordings and get an awesome singer. For now, you have to put up with me 🙂

Photo above by Barbara Piancastilli


I can’t express how excited I am to put this song out there! I have had it done for over a year now but have been stuck on one measure. I couldn’t figure out what I was playing. I finally found an awesome friend to help me and now my song is complete! My husband loves this song and always asks me to play it. It starts out slow but picks up intensity.

Crashed: Sheet Music

I wrote this song because I was so inspired by the woman in this video, who has now become pretty famous. I’ve seen her story in a few different places. I took the things she talked about in this video and put music to those feelings.

Here’s the song broken down with the measures and feelings and/or circumstances I was writing about:

Measure 1-5 Laying on the ground right after crash. Measure 6-9 Feeling that things would be ok right before she went into coma. Measure 10-16 Waking up in hospital: “coming out of the coma was really hard and painful.” Measure 17-27 I imagined how she would feel coming to a realization of her new body. Measure 28 and beyond is the confirmation that her new life is good despite the new challenge. I also just did what sounded good from there on out 🙂