Turn Your Hearts

Here is a jubilant arrangement of Hymn 291 in Hymnplicity style. I’ve even created a paper to give to choir members to use with their hymn books. Or, just print out the 4 pages and give that to choir members 🙂

When our stake choir director asked if I could arrange the song “Turn Your Hearts”, I was so excited. Whenever I’m working on a project to help a chorister, I always finish it quickly and it usually turns out pretty good. This time was no exception.

The cool thing was that our stake conference was in the Alpine Tabernacle. It is a grand and beautiful place. It was so fun to perform the song there!

I was grateful to work on a song about family history. The lyrics have gone through my mind since I’ve been working on it and it has inspired me to focus more on it.

Turn Your Hearts, SATB and Piano (pdf)

Turn Your Hearts, Choir Insert (pdf)