One Little Sheep

I wanted to write a primary song that was good for nursery/junior primary: repetitive lyrics and actions that easily go with the lyrics. This tune and these lyrics came to my head one day. I have always loved the imagery of Jesus as the Good Shephard so it made sense that this is what I came up with 🙂

I love that while the music is simple, the message is inspiring. Making it applicable for senior primary too!

Sheet music: One Little Sheep

The Spirit Speaks to Me

I originally started writing this song intending it to be a primary song. However, the more I got into it, the more I felt like it was a youth song. I think it’s actually a tween song but no one really categorizes songs that way 🙂

After this last general conference, and noticing how much emphasis was on following the promptings of the spirit, I thought the timing of this song was perfect.

The Spirit Speaks to me (pdf)


I can’t express how excited I am to put this song out there! I have had it done for over a year now but have been stuck on one measure. I couldn’t figure out what I was playing. I finally found an awesome friend to help me and now my song is complete! My husband loves this song and always asks me to play it. It starts out slow but picks up intensity.

Crashed: Sheet Music

I wrote this song because I was so inspired by the woman in this video, who has now become pretty famous. I’ve seen her story in a few different places. I took the things she talked about in this video and put music to those feelings.

Here’s the song broken down with the measures and feelings and/or circumstances I was writing about:

Measure 1-5 Laying on the ground right after crash. Measure 6-9 Feeling that things would be ok right before she went into coma. Measure 10-16 Waking up in hospital: “coming out of the coma was really hard and painful.” Measure 17-27 I imagined how she would feel coming to a realization of her new body. Measure 28 and beyond is the confirmation that her new life is good despite the new challenge. I also just did what sounded good from there on out 🙂

Rising Temperature

This is the first song that got me started on my song writing journey. At a piano recital one year I heard a song performed that I wanted to play. My teacher told me the boy wrote it. I think that is what gave me motivation to do my own song writing.

The funny thing about this song is that I don’t remember the name I gave it originally. When deciding what to call it I saw a thermometer I just used on my sick little boy and thought of the name. Here it is:

Rising Temperature


Believe it or not, I was in a band. Yep, me an my friends jamming away to our heart’s content. This song was written on an acoustic guitar by my friend Weston Gardner. You can check out his current band, Cavalist, here.

I took his version, wrote piano to it, and this is it! When we performed this song at an open mic night one person told me they would buy our album just for this song. I thought that was such a nice complement!

Caution: this song is tricky/fast toward the end…don’t give up you can do it!


We Give Our Thanks

The last LDS Music Competition entry I have under my belt is this children’s song entered in 2010. I picked the subject of Thanksgiving because in the Children’s Songbook, none of the Thanksgiving songs mention the 10 lepers story! I had to write one including them.

Since I have written this song I have had some helpful advice from a friend about songwriting. One thing she told me that is very taboo is parallel fifths. I have those in this song–yikes! Listening to this song, it is beautiful and not cheesy (I really dislike cheesy songs) but when you dissect it, there are technical flaws. I wish I knew more when I was entering it. Live and learn I guess.

We Give Our Thanks