An Honest Tithing: an original

Have I Done Any Good? (Easy to follow for children)

He Sent His Son

I Am a Child of God

I Love to See the Temple

I Pray in Faith

My Covenants

My Heavenly Father Loves Me (Whenever I hear the song of a bird…)

Picture a Christmas

Resurrection Day: an original

Reverence is Love

The Spirit Speaks to Me: an original

We Give Our Thanks: an original

When I Am Baptized


Out of Small Things: an original

Strength to Stand: an original

The Spirit Speaks to Me: an original

3 thoughts on “Primary/Youth

  1. Call the church in SLC and talk to their Copyright staff. They can give you contact info. Hope that helps. They helped me contact a composer when I wanted to do an arrangement of a song.

    • Thanks, I did actually contact them and they gave me an address. I sent a letter to the address but it was returned that the person didn’t live there anymore with no forwarding address. I contacted them again and received no response. *Sigh. I even thought I found her on facebook and sent a message but received no response. I’m hoping one day I miraculously run into her somewhere 🙂

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