Once in Royal David’s City

I wanted to write a song for Christmas and I knew I wanted to write it in 6/8 timing. I loved  Sally DeFord’s arrangement of While Shepherd’s Watched their Flocks by Night and a Children’s song called Our Christmas Story Tree (look down the list), both in 6/8 time. I knew I had to write one too. When I was looking at the songs in the hymn book I saw this song and tried it out with 6/8 timing and it sounded really good. I didn’t know this song very well before I wrote this arrangement. I came to love this song more than ever and am so happy I decided to do it. The lyrics in the last verse are especially powerful to me.

You may also notice I added a verse. Verse 2 in this arrangement are my own words. I think it fits in pretty well. Hopefully you enjoy this song!

Once in Royal David’s City (piano and female voice)

I put this video on here hesitantly because I know my voice is terrible. I just want you to be able to hear how it sounds and hopefully see the potential of the song. When I am rich and famous I will spend money to make real recordings and get an awesome singer. For now, you have to put up with me 🙂

Photo above by Barbara Piancastilli

10 thoughts on “Once in Royal David’s City

  1. I love your arrangement of Once in Royal David’s City. Have you considered a choir or two-part version of it? I would love to have my ward choir sing it this Christmas.

    • I have considered it and think I will get to it eventually. I haven’t been schooled in arranging choir music so it is a little daunting but I really want to in the future because I want my ward choir to sing it too. I’m sure it won’t be done for 2013 Christmas but maybe next year. Sorry!

    • I missed this comment forever ago when you wrote it. My goal for this year is to make a choir arrangement of this song. So, if you need it for 2020 come back later and hopefully it will be done 🙂

      • Any updates on a choir (even a two-part!) arrangement of this one? I just got cleared to plan a Christmas program for sacrament meeting and I’d desperately love to have my choir sing this!! (Sorry to be a broken record)

        • You convinced me! I’m almost done now (Seriously, I just started tonight and am close to being done). I’ll send it to you first in a few days 🙂

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