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  1. Dear Danielle,
    I was so pleased to find your arrangement, as our choir has often sung the first page of the hymn as printed in an organ book whose cover is missing. That first page is copyable for non-profit use. It says that it is a traditional Irish melody. We first heard it and loved it on the Faith and Values Channel, and maybe on KBYU. A member of our choir sings one verse in sort of an Irish dialect. He is
    a bass. Do you by any chance have a simple way to translate a verse of your arrangement to the key of C? I have transposed it onto a free website called “Noteflight,” but it will not print in a readable size. I need it Sunday after next and would love to use your accompaniment. The original organ version of “Take Time to Be Holy” was arranged by one of the Tabernacle Choir organists, perhaps Dr. Robert Cundick, and is beautiful. Again, thank you for your lovely arrangement, which I plan to print and share with our choir director.
    Faithfully yours,

    • Yes, that is pretty easy. If you have an e-mail to give me I can send it over to you. I can make sure to not publish the comment if you leave it there. You can also use the contact me tab above for a personal message.

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