Beautiful Savior

I will let my Nov 1, 2008 entry from my family blog tell why I arranged this song:

“Here’s an arrangement I did of the song Beautiful Savior. My mom told me last year that my Pop-pop (mom’s dad) got teary eyed when he heard it at one of my sibling’s baptism. I guess he knew that song from when he was younger. Sorry if any of those facts are wrong but that’s what I remember my mom telling me. So, I arranged it for my Pop-pop.”

Beautiful Savior

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Savior

  1. Someone on the LDS Primary Chorister’s page recommended your “When I am Baptized” song so I came to your site. I have had so much fun playing your arrangements today! You are so talented. I have quite a few I want to perfect! Thanks for sharing your talents!

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