Lord, I Would Follow Thee

This is a fun story. I wrote about 2/3rds of this arrangement my junior year of high school. I finished it up a few years ago. When I started my website I got in contact with Susan Evans McCloud, the lyricist. We went back and forth e-mailing, trying to get permission from the music writer, K. Newell Dayley, who was on a mission. Sister McCloud was finally able to get a hold of him after months of waiting. Sister McCloud was so helpful and, in a grueling world of trying to contact composers for permissions, I was so appreciative!

I was especially touched by this song when I listened to how it was written. If you have a few minutes, give this a listen to. It is narrated by Sister McCloud herself!

Lord, I Would Follow Thee

Lord, I Would Follow Thee (lower)

Because I had a request, here’s a recording of just the piano:

10 thoughts on “Lord, I Would Follow Thee

  1. This is exactly the kind of arrangement I have been looking for my YW to sing at New Beginnings. Thank you for arranging it! It is beautiful.

  2. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this arrangement. It’s beautiful! I’ll be using it for a musical number in church. Thanks for again sharing your talent!

    Rose H.

  3. This arrangement is perfect for the VT conference I am putting together!! But I’m wondering if you have an MP3 of the accompaniment track? We are in a ward where pianists are scarce so it would be helpful to have this instead.

  4. I am a senior missionary serving in Lima Peru. I direct the choir at the MTC here in Peru and I used this arrangement to sing with 150 missionaries.I was able to put the Spanish words with this accompaniment and it sounded great! Thanks for asking it available.

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