Lord, I Would Follow Thee

This is a fun story. I wrote about 2/3rds of this arrangement my junior year of high school. I finished it up a few years ago. When I started my website I got in contact with Susan Evans McCloud, the lyricist. We went back and forth e-mailing, trying to get permission from the music writer, K. Newell Dayley, who was on a mission. Sister McCloud was finally able to get a hold of him after months of waiting. Sister McCloud was so helpful and, in a grueling world of trying to contact composers for permissions, I was so appreciative!

I was especially touched by this song when I listened to how it was written. If you have a few minutes, give this a listen to. It is narrated by Sister McCloud herself!

Lord, I Would Follow Thee

Lord, I Would Follow Thee (lower)

Because I had a request, here’s a recording of just the piano:

12 thoughts on “Lord, I Would Follow Thee

  1. This is exactly the kind of arrangement I have been looking for my YW to sing at New Beginnings. Thank you for arranging it! It is beautiful.

  2. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this arrangement. It’s beautiful! I’ll be using it for a musical number in church. Thanks for again sharing your talent!

    Rose H.

  3. This arrangement is perfect for the VT conference I am putting together!! But I’m wondering if you have an MP3 of the accompaniment track? We are in a ward where pianists are scarce so it would be helpful to have this instead.

  4. I am a senior missionary serving in Lima Peru. I direct the choir at the MTC here in Peru and I used this arrangement to sing with 150 missionaries.I was able to put the Spanish words with this accompaniment and it sounded great! Thanks for asking it available.

  5. My daughter and I used this arrangement to sing at Stake Conference during Covid. Thank you for sharing your talents. It’s one of my favourite songs I’ve ever had the pleasure of singing. I love the repeat of “Lord I will follow thee” at the end. The first time through it sounds like a question and I wonder, “Do I really have the capacity to follow the Savior?” but then singing it again helps me remember as I get in unison with Him I can do it.

    I’m in a different stake and going to use this for a Relief Society choir in Sacrament Meeting.

    • Wow, I got chills reading (then singing in my mind) your thought about the first time it sounds like a question, the second being able to do it with Him. Sometimes we do wonder if we can, but then we look to Him and we get that strength. Thank you for sharing that thought with me!

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