Have I Done Any Good?–Easy for Children to Follow

I’ve written a medley of Have I Done Any Good?/As I Have Loved You. I am currently waiting for permission to post it because of copyright on As I Have Loved You. There isn’t any copyright on Have I Done Any Good? So, I thought I would post this now.

This version of my arrangement is simplified for the singer (not the pianist). Until the end of the song, it can be sung just like the hymn book. I thought about even changing the end to follow the hymn book but I just loved how I wrote it for the other version so much I couldn’t change the end 🙂

Have I Done Any Good? (PDF)

2 thoughts on “Have I Done Any Good?–Easy for Children to Follow

  1. Love the video. Have you received permission for this arrangement? We’d really like to try and tackle it with both our Primary and Youth singing together. Thanks so much!

    • I wrote this arrangement and this song does not need copyright (otherwise in the Hymn book it would mention the IRI or other owner). I hope it is just the right difficulty level for your group!

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