That Easter Morn with Cello

I showed my arrangement of this song to our ward’s choir director and she asked if I would write a cello part for it. Ironically, the choir director who originally asked me to arrange this piece played the cello. I agreed adding cello was a good idea and now that the part is done I wonder how I ever performed the song without it. The cello adds so much to this piece. Enjoy!

That Easter Morn for SATB, piano and cello

That Easter Morn, cello part

That Easter Morn, SATB and piano

Photo by: SLV’s

3 thoughts on “That Easter Morn with Cello

  1. I would love to see more cello parts added to your compositions, even multiple cello parts.

    Would you let me know if you ever do any more cello parts/arrangements?

    Thanks again for your site and for sharing your music. As a first-time choir director with no conductor experience it is wonderful to find these numbers.

    I started playing the cello almost 3 years ago and am always looking for good church music to play.

    Any possibility you could arrange some pieces for the autoharp as well? Maybe as accompaniment. This is mostly chords. When I play actual notes (melody) they are in the treble clef and I am limited to one note at a time and need the chord marking as well.

    • If I make any more cello parts I’ll post them on my site! I love the cello too, such a deep, rich sound. As for autoharp pieces, I’m pretty sure I’ll never get around to that, sorry. I actually didn’t even know what it was. I looked it up and seems so useful and easy to play but because I don’t have one and I really want my focus to be piano, my time will probably be spent elsewhere. Sorry. I hope you can find the kind of music you are looking for!

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