I Am a Child of God

I arranged this song for my ward’s primary program this year. I tried to make it easy for the primary to follow while making the piano sound just a little fuller. I think this music did the trick. As long as I waved my arms really big to lead the kids into the verses they did great at keeping with the music.

I also like that the arrangement is simple enough to keep with the spirit of the music yet spiffed up enough to make it, what I think would be, a great solo piece too!

I just wanted to add that the copyright owner was very adamant about making sure this free sheet music is only used for home and church use. Thanks!

I Am a Child of God

A Great Site

If you haven’t heard of Free LDS Sheet Music I have to recommend it. It’s nice because it is a collection from multiple LDS composer’s website’s–all the ones that give out their music for free.

I just got my own page on their site and it was really fun for me to see all the music I’ve arranged. It’s a lot of work but it feels really good to see how much I’ve accomplished.

He Sent His Son

I just got an e-mail from Michael Moody’s son saying his dad, who is on a mission in Africa currently, has granted me permission to publish my arrangement! I love when composers get back to me. I felt like jumping up and down!

Anyways, this is a simple arrangement with violin. The piano is almost exactly how it is in the Children’s Songbook but tweaked a little to accommodate a violin part. My ward performed this arrangement for our Primary program a few years back and it sounded amazing. What song doesn’t when it has some good strings?

FYI, January 2014 song of the month in primary is this one! Now that I’m in a new ward looks like 2014 primary program will have this arrangement featured! Excited? Yes I am!

He Sent His Son (Piano and Violin)

He Sent His Son (Violin only)

Here’s what it sounds like, sort of. Because the keyboard is playing the violin part, it doesn’t sound half as good as it does with a real violin. Someday I’ll get real recordings.

Photo by: Pink Sherbet Photography

An Angel from on High

Before I arranged Rejoice! The Lord is King, I noticed An Angel from on High could be sung with the same music. When I sang it out loud that way, the music went perfectly with the lyrics to this song. It really motivated me to arrange Rejoice! The Lord is King because An Angel from on High is one that isn’t sung very much and I think if you’ll sing it this way, you’ll want to sing it all the time! It is awesome.

Because Rejoice! The Lord is King only has three verses I chose the 1st, 2nd and 4th verse of An Angel from on High. I think it’s very complete that way. I’m excited to see what other people think of this.

An Angel from on High


Composing Tip: Finishing off Sound at End of Phrase

When writing “An Honest Tithing” my reviewer noticed that at the end of the verses the sound didn’t really complete. If you look in measure 12 you will see I finished off the verse by going down to the C in the treble clef. I didn’t have that at first and it just wasn’t quite right. So, between phrases look to see if you need to finish off the chord by adding a note.

In the same song you will see the very last note of the piece is a D. This is what finished off the sound at the end of the piece. Most of us know to do that but see if you need it anywhere else in your song!