I’m Trying to be Like Jesus

For many months this song was my 2 year old (now 3 year old)’s request every night before bed. I felt inspired to write a piano arrangement in dedication to her. So Talia, here you go! Mommy loves you despite the buttons of mine you push 🙂 I have learned that the more I act like Christ would with you, the kinder you are. Truly following in the Savior’s steps makes everyone around us happier.

I’m Trying to be Like Jesus Piano Solo

10 thoughts on “I’m Trying to be Like Jesus

  1. This is a beautiful arrangement. I was looking for arrangements to use for the primary presentation this year and will definitely use part of your arrangement as the accompaniment. Thank you for sharing your talent and to Talia for inspiring you <3

  2. Thanks for the beautiful arrangement. I did a solo for a relief society activity and had another arrangement that I had in a book planned, then day of I couldn’t find the book, so I took to the internet and found yours. I love it so much better. It was beautiful.

  3. Beautiful! And what a tribute to your little one! God has truly blessed you with a beautiful child and talent. So glad I found you!

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