Faith in Every Footstep

Our stake choir director asked if I could arrange an easy version of this song for a youth stake choir. K. Newell Dayley’s SSAATTBB arrangement is beautiful with a capital B, but way too hard for a beginning choir. So, I tried to make an easier arrangement with a very similar feel as Dayley’s. I almost feel bad saying it’s my arrangement because I imitated his so closely. I just hope this helps some choirs with fewer choir members or more inexperienced members.

I decided to add an SATB for choirs who are lucky enough to have more people and experience.

Faith in Every Footstep (SAB)
Faith in Every Footstep (SAB & piano)
Faith in Every Footstep (SATB)
Faith in Every Footstep (SATB & piano)
Faith in Every Footstep (Piano only)

Choir tips: Here’s something I’ve never done before because until recently I knew nothing about singing. Luckily, I worked with an amazing choir director whose notes these are. This pdf is her marked-up notes for the youth choir. It is the notes for the SAB version but you can use them as reference for the SATB version as well.

Our director gave the youth this music when they were first learning their parts, then she gave them the above music afterward. NB=no breath. Commas=breath. And it is easy to hold out the last note. Choir members can breath whenever they want as long as it’s not the same time as the person next to them and they keep their mouth looking like they are still singing. Our choir director always said, “Breath anywhere you want except where there’s a slur!”

I hope this all helps! I know working with this piece helped me learn a lot!

Faith in Every Footstep parts with choir notes

Forgive my voice and I promise it sounds amazing with a full choir!

23 thoughts on “Faith in Every Footstep

  1. Thanks for this nice arrangement for a choir. We would like to use for our ward choir. I wanted to make sure we have permission.

  2. Hi, Danielle! We have a small group youth choir singing this number for our Trek this summer. Are you aware of an mp3 of just the accompaniment we could use? Thanks!

    • I have not made an accompaniment yet 🙁 When I apply for copyright to my songs I state that I don’t put downloadable files on my site. I think I would even have to submit a new copyright request if I did make that available. Sorry!

  3. Hello from Fairbanks,Alaska. I love your arrangement and would like to use this for our ward choir. May I use this?

  4. Hello Danielle. I’m Stake Music Chairman for the Marion, Adelaide Australia Stake.
    I’d love to have your permission to use your beautiful arrangement for our Stake Conference.
    thankyou for all your work and inspiration.
    Kindest regards

  5. I was glad to find an arrangement of Faith in Every Footstep simpler than Newell
    Dayley’s that our ward could handle. Is it OK if we use it?

  6. Danielle,
    I was wondering if i have permissions to do a bit of changing with the timing for my ward choir? Not to change the notes however.

  7. Hi,
    I’m Ighomena from Nigeria. My branch is small and an even smaller Choir. I’d like to get your permission to use this arrangement for our branch conference. Thanks.

  8. Hi Danielle , My name is Diana Littlewood from the Summit Ridge South Stake in Herriman and we would like to perform your arrangement of Faith in Every Footstep in SATB and wondered if we could have permission to do that for our state conference in August?

    • I’m sorry I’m so late responding. Yes, you are fine to use it for your stake conference. All of my music can be used for free for any home, church or personal use.

  9. Hi there! I love your arrangement! I’d love to use this for a Stake Women’s choir for our Stake’s RS conference. I would like to have a viola or cello play the bass part since it would be a women only choir. Are you ok if I do that?

  10. Thank you for this nice arrangement of one of my favorite hymns. Hope it’s in the new hymn book! We’ll be singing this in our ward in Temple, Texas in July.

    • I hope it is in the new hymn book too. It is wonderful. Thanks from saying, “hi” from Texas; I love hearing where people are from!

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