Where Can I Turn for Peace?

I’m very excited about this one because it is the first duet I’ve written! It took a while to write but I’m really happy with the result. My favorite thing about this song is that it is simple but beautiful. It is easy enough for about an intermediate student to play with a peer or a teacher.

Remember to play it with emotion, without it, the song doesn’t sound nearly as good. Enjoy!

Where Can I Turn for Peace? (Primo)

Where Can I Turn for Peace? (Secondo)

I would like to thank my friend Cathy for playing this with me and helping me work out the kinks.

5 thoughts on “Where Can I Turn for Peace?

  1. Thank you,
    My missionary daughter asked if there were some hymn duets that I could find that she and her companion could share with others. I think it will be very nice for them.

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