He Sent His Son

I just got an e-mail from Michael Moody’s son saying his dad, who is on a mission in Africa currently, has granted me permission to publish my arrangement! I love when composers get back to me. I felt like jumping up and down!

Anyways, this is a simple arrangement with violin. The piano is almost exactly how it is in the Children’s Songbook but tweaked a little to accommodate a violin part. My ward performed this arrangement for our Primary program a few years back and it sounded amazing. What song doesn’t when it has some good strings?

FYI, January 2014 song of the month in primary is this one! Now that I’m in a new ward looks like 2014 primary program will have this arrangement featured! Excited? Yes I am!

He Sent His Son (Piano and Violin)

He Sent His Son (Violin only)

Here’s what it sounds like, sort of. Because the keyboard is playing the violin part, it doesn’t sound half as good as it does with a real violin. Someday I’ll get real recordings.

Photo by: Pink Sherbet Photography

19 thoughts on “He Sent His Son

  1. Thank you for blessing our lives! Love this! I am going to try it with Flute as I don’t have a violinist in my ward but my daughter plays the flute. Love it! πŸ™‚ Thank you!

    • The sheet music provided has both piano and violin on it. I figured since it was only 3 pages long I’d skip a page with just the violin part. Would it be helpful to have a page with only violin?

  2. I guess I would like to have the Piano part as well since you mentioned that you tweaked it a bit to accommodate the Violin part!

  3. This is perfect! I was looking for an obbligato violin part where the piano stayed so close to what the kids were already familiar with. THANKS!!

  4. I love this!!!! I’m wondering if you could add a cello part. I want to use both but don’t know a thing about it!! Thanks for considering.

  5. I just found this online and am going to try and play it with viola and piano accompany. Beautiful recording and composing!! Thank you for sharing your talents!!!!

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